MARK6001 Strategic Skills for Marketers

6 Units of Credit

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Participants are equipped with the business skills and techniques necessary to operate in marketing. There are three modules to the course (a) Market opportunity analysis. Considered are basic types of quantitative and qualitative data for assisting in marketing analysis, environmental scanning, opportunity analysis, forecasting and decision-making. (b) Marketing due diligence. Dealt with in this module are brand assets, trademarks, intangibles, intellectual property, trade practices, compliance and ethics. (c) Marketing performance analysis. Themes include customer costs and profitability analysis, measuring marketing assets (brand equity, customer satisfaction), measuring ROI of marketing programs (eg "real time" metrics for mid-program corrections versus detailed "report cards" at the end of the program), measuring promotion and advertising effectiveness. For managers to assess and demonstrate the impact of investments in marketing, they need accurate measurement tools and systems that link non-financial measures (such as customer satisfaction, brand equity, market orientation, and market share) to the financial measures used by CEOs and CFOs. Exclusion MARK5932