MARK6004 Business-to-Business Marketing

3 Units of Credit

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Considerable marketing effort is devoted to reaching and servicing business markets, either because of their own inherent value or as a route through to mass consumer markets. Business marketing management is the process of understanding, creating, and delivering value to targeted business-to-business markets and customers. Presented in this course are the specific elements of marketing knowledge and planning that relate to business, industrial and technology markets. These include assessing market opportunities and examining the business environment (to generate primary demand, selective demand and product range options), and managing the functional aspects of marketing in an organisational setting (integrated and independent market systems, e-marketplaces and e-procurement, sales forces and sales branches, channel structures, agents and wholesalers, dedicated EDI-systems). Participants gain an understanding of organisational buying behaviour and develop decision-making capabilities in the field of business-to-business marketing, including negotiation skills in a group decision-making process. Exclusion MARK5957