MARK6010 Global Marketing Strategy

3 Units of Credit

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Globalisation is the process by which firms operate on a global basis, organising their structure, capabilities resources and people in such a way as to address the world as a single market. It is natural however that marketing practices will vary from country to country, and culture, economic and social circumstances, and societal infrastructure are different. These differences mean that a successful marketing approach in one country will not automatically work in another country. Customer preferences, competition, distribution channels and communications media differ. Global marketing requires marketers to behave in ways that are global and local at the same time by responding to similarities and differences in various markets. An important task in global marketing is learning to recognize the extent to which marketing plans and programs might be standardised worldwide as well as the extent to which they need to be adapted. The decision to enter markets outside the home country depends on a firm's resources, managerial attitudes, and the nature and extent of opportunities and threats. This gives rise to important themes in international marketing market entry, partnering and strategic alliances, managing across borders, grey markets - these are some of the issues dealt with in this course.