MARK6017 Analytical Methods for Segmentation, Targeting and Consumer Analysis

3 Units of Credit

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The challenge for every customer-oriented organisation consists of identifying potential customers and satisfying and retaining existing customers. The course will include topics that assist managers to segment their market appropriately, to identify target markets, and how to best reach those markets. Topics include analysis of variance (ANOVA and MANOVA), multiple regression analysis (linear and logistic), factor analysis (exploratory and confirmatory), cluster analysis, conjoint analysis. This is a hands-on course involving a mix of theory of various multivariate analysis techniques and computer laboratory sessions to practice these techniques (using SPSS). An emphasis is placed on how to manage data sets, determining when to use a particular statistical procedure, assumptions of the procedures, steps in SPSS, interpretation of results and reporting of results. The relevance of these multivariate techniques will be discussed in relation to segmentation and targeting, customer relationship management (CRM) and data mining. This is a multivariate course with an emphasis on analytic techniques to help market researchers and managers understand their markets better.