MARK6100 Marketing Management: Contemporary Analytical Perspectives

6 Units of Credit

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This course prepares students for the Master of Marketing program by providing knowledge of how marketing approaches and analytical techniques can enhance decision-making in today’s business organisations. The challenge for every customer-oriented organisation consists of identifying potential customers. This innovative course provides an understanding of the role that analytical approaches can play in identifying potential customers and aid marketing decision-making. The course addresses such issues as How can an organisation become customer-focused? What is the role of analytical marketing in the modern organisation and how can it enhance marketing decision-making? Students are exposed to a variety of the most useful methods and approaches and encouraged to think critically about them. Students who complete this course will be conversant with modern methods of gaining insight and decision-support, understand and be able to use these tools in a variety of business decision situations, and be in a position to make better use of existing data when making business decisions. The course will make use of a combination of teaching methods, including lectures, cases, computer exercises and projects. Exclusion MARK6001