MARK6104 Value Creation Through Service

6 Units of Credit

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Today, services are the growth engine of developed economies. A central theme then of this course is that services (the focus is on consumer services rather than B2B) possess a set of unique characteristics that require a distinctive approach to marketing strategy - both in its development and execution (this is especially true of professional services (legal, financial, health, management consultancy, etc). This is not to say that the approach is unique, but rather distinctive. The course builds upon and expands fundamental marketing management concepts and models and adapts them to the services sector. We will use marketing frameworks to examine how to improve service quality, increase and maintain customer satisfaction levels, generate customer loyalty and create a healthy service culture within the firm. Other themes include analysis of service portfolios, service concept development and testing, revenue management, service productivity and the building of a service culture, and employee engagement. In services the 7 Ps of the ‘Services Marketing Mix’ are discussed (the traditional 4 Ps plus people, processes, and physical evidence). Exclusion MARK6005