MARK6107 Advertising, Promotion & Integrated Marketing Communication

6 Units of Credit

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This course aims to give students a better understanding of contemporary communications thinking and integrated marketing communications (IMC), as practiced by marketing managers. It gives participants practical skills in developing and managing advertising and sales promotions programs, media planning, and client-agency relations. The client and the agency should both be working to the same goal of achieving business objectives through a well-planned and well-executed marketing communications campaign. IMC is a methodology and a way of thinking about communication which was created to manage brands in the new brand communication landscape. The essence of IMC is that everything a company does, and sometimes what it doesn’t do, can send a powerful brand message. IMC looks at the different ways for companies to communicate about their brand, in an integrated fashion, which takes advantage of the differences between media and leverages their strengths. This course will profile a number of frameworks and theories to elaborate and evaluate communication initiatives. Exclusions MARK6021, MARK6022