MARK6108 Digital Content and Social Media Strategy

6 Units of Credit

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In a world where media is the ultimate social lubricant, today’s marketing management is about encouraging and not controlling the conversation and participation with and amongst consumers in multi-channel environments. A central theme of this course is that 21st century marketing involves consumers as participants. This changes the role of marketing communications from simply the art of persuasion to the art of conversation. And requires a strategic approach to the role of digital/social marketing and channels in the mix, a role that allows for participation with brands, provides consumers with exceptional interactive experiences, and drives their conversation with and about brands. This course will use digital marketing (including social media) management frameworks to examine how to engage in digital marketing strategically, rather than tactically, in the communications mix and will examine the need for organizations to ready themselves for a more transparent, open and collaborative relationship with their customers. Access of the internet via mobile devices has become more prevalent than desktop assess. Mobile marketing does not fit into the traditional marketing mindset. The course examines how mobile represents a completely new way of thinking about marketing. A solid understanding of the mobile marketing landscape and strategic use of the mobile marketing toolkit is crucial, including an examination of the sector’s rapid evolution and a consideration of current and future trends. Multiple case studies will be used for our examination of the key factors driving both success and failure in this new participatory world of marketing. This course also provides a detailed understanding of the mobile marketing landscape, including an examination of the sector’s rapid evolution and consideration of current and future trends. Exclusion MARK6025