MARK6109 Business to Business Marketing & Key Account Management

6 Units of Credit

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Many managers and professionals will spend much of their career trying to influence the buying behaviours of key business customers rather than directly impacting the purchasing behaviours of end consumers. Many firms distribute and market via intermediaries like agents, brokers and retailers. This course addresses the specific elements of marketing knowledge and planning that relate to business, industrial and technology markets. These include assessing market opportunities and examining the business environment and managing the functional aspects of marketing in an organisational setting. The course is also focuses on the latest developments and practices in sales and key account management (KAM). The primary focus is on the business-to-business (B2B) environment, with some references to the development of selling within the context of marketing strategies. The course will address the role of personal selling in the B2B environment – it will look at how organisations secure and maintain business through a strategic application of selling and account management strategies. Exclusions MARK5957, MARK6004, MARK6123 This course is not offered in 2015