MARK6110 Advanced Marketing Strategy

6 Units of Credit

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This is a specialist course that focuses on advanced marketing strategy and segmentation analysis. It integrates knowledge of market and competitor analysis with strategic business considerations, to achieve superior performance in sales growth, market share and profit contribution. Topics include organisational strategy; strategic marketing planning; value proposition development; defensive strategies; competitive and life-cycle strategies at the level of the business unit; portfolio analysis, diversification and differentiation; social, ethical, technological and global issues as they impact on marketing performance. The course will also include topics that assist managers to segment their market appropriately, to identify target markets, and how to best reach those markets. Topics include analysis of variance (ANOVA and MANOVA), multiple regression analysis (linear and logistic), factor analysis (exploratory and confirmatory), cluster analysis, conjoint analysis. The latter part of the course includes hands-on experience using various multivariate analysis techniques and involving computer laboratory sessions to practice these techniques. The relevance of these multivariate techniques will be discussed in relation to segmentation and targeting, customer relationship management (CRM) and data mining. This is a marketing strategy course with an emphasis on analytic techniques to help market researchers and managers understand their markets better. Exclusions MARK6017, MARK6024