MBAX5902 Leadership for Social Impact^

6 Units of Credit

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Leadership for Social Impact is designed for a new generation of leaders Those who seek a leadership career in social enterprises, and those already in the sector who wish to enhance their professional capacity to create social and environmental value through leadership of third sector/not-for-profit organisations Those who aspire to hold executive positions in companies which are committed to maximising social benefit and meeting corporate responsibilities through their products and practices Those who wish to become senior public administrators working with community groups, or public service executives with a responsibility for developing the public policy framework Those individuals and foundations that seek to ensure that their social investment is applied to greatest social impact The course provides students with an introduction to the challenges and opportunities of leading organisations with the purpose of improving social outcomes. The course will examine the following areas Current challenges in achieving social benefit Leadership in the social economy Challenges and opportunities of leadership during a time of inflexion A model of leadership centred on identifying adaptive challenges for leaders Intervention of leaders and practices for more effective and positive social outcomes New forms of organising designed to address breakdowns in the social economy Governance systems and demands Diagnosis of leadership challenges