MGMT3110 Integrative Seminar in Global Business

6 Units of Credit

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This is a capstone course for the Bachelor of Commerce (International) degree program. It provides students with an opportunity to reflect on, and evaluate, knowledge and experiences gained in the study periods in Australia and overseas, as required for the program. The course seeks to engage participants in four central themes reflecting on practice in education and business in a global context, exploring the contribution of the international exchange experience to the understanding of the dynamics of global business and the academic knowledge. The second theme integrate their knowledge in context of other disciplines, comparing differences and similarities in national approaches. The third theme synthesise disciplinary knowledge and debates in addressing key trends in global business. The fourth theme explore experiences in understanding careers in global business, mindful of institutional, cultural, social and political contexts. Students will gain an appreciation of the cultural and inter-cultural experiences in the program in addressing dynamics in national understandings, values, norms and business practice. Students will normally complete this course in the semester following the completion of the Commerce Overseas Program.