MGMT5801 Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation

6 Units of Credit

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This course aims to provide an understanding of the strategic role that effective management of technological innovation plays in the success of the organisation or autonomous business unit. Because mission-critical technology is a key resource for each organisation, it must be strategically managed for comparative advantage. To do so necessitates first an understanding of the fundamentals of strategic management, then an understanding of how the technology strategy of the firm is aligned with the overall strategy of the firm. To that end, the concepts, techniques, tools, and processes of strategic management are explored, with an emphasis on linking the development of innovative capabilities and technological innovations with strategic outcomes. Topics covered include integrating technology and strategy, assessing technological capabilities, technological evolution and forecasting, technological entrepreneurship, designing and managing systems for corporate innovation, creating and implementing a development strategy, and management through systems, style and shared values. Special emphasis will be placed on the integration of technology practices with other functional practices (i.e. finance, marketing, operations management, human resource management, etc.). These topics are investigated through a critical examination of relevant literature, documented case studies and contemporary business practices.