MGMT5910 Towards Corporate Sustainability: Effective Human Resources and Organisations

6 Units of Credit
Management & Governance

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This course aims to examine the ways in which organisational change can be sustained within the complexity of changing human and organisational systems. It examines the effects of environmental change on organisations and organisational systems. Emphasis is placed on sustaining change by building organisational capability involving human resource and organisational practices and processes which have the potential to sustain the organisation's ability to achieve continuous adaptation. The course will also emphasize a number of emerging corporate competencies required to sustain change and how these can be embedded in every organisation, in every group and every individual by learning, adapting innovating, and interacting with other systems and the environment. A key concern is an on-going organisational response to demands for structural and operational flexibility and change. The course also examines tools of analysis, design, implementation and maintenance of system sustainability, integration, and coordination. Topics include, strategic interventions, approaches to systems, system analysis and design, implementation techniques, monitoring, complementary human assets, contextual relations and linkages. Specific examples are drawn from industry experience and models.