MGMT5947 Remuneration and Performance Management

6 Units of Credit

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Examines theories, practices and debates in contemporary remuneration and performance management, with special reference to the trend away from 'traditional' pay-for-position to performance-related remuneration at individual, work group and organisational level. Themes covered include the concept of the 'New Pay', theories of employee motivation, competing perspectives on procedural and distributive justice, the ethics and effectiveness of performance-related pay, job-based pay and job evaluation, broadbanding, developing assessing and rewarding employee skills and competencies, methods and ethics of performance appraisal and performance management, rewarding individual merit, recognition awards, gainsharing and team-based pay, profit-sharing and employee ownership plans, executive pay, and the development of comprehensive pay and performance management systems. Adopts a critical and multi-disciplinary perspective embracing Human Resource Management, Organisational Studies, Industrial Relations, Sociology, Labour Economics, Psychology and Ethics.