MNGT7486 Strategic Management 4 - Transforming Businesses

12 Units of Credit

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It is rare for a company to be able to prosper and grow over an extended period of time without having to reconsider the very fundamentals of the business that it is in. The fourth course in the SM Year addresses how a General Manager can respond to performance risks generated from a lack of external fit that might already exist or be likely to exist in the near future. The risk to external fit can come from any one of a number of sources regulation, buyer power, technology, competitors, supplier power etc. Responses to these threats have to be substantive and are made under extreme uncertainty. When external fit is at risk it is likely that the business model will need to be re-examined and redefined, leading to transformational change. At the end of this course you will be able to Recommend a transformation strategy for an organisation Develop a plan for the implementation of transformational change Evaluate and manage the risks associated with a proposed transformational change Facilitate your organisation’s ability to renew itself proactively through identifying and interpreting weak signals in both the external and internal environments