MNGT8174 Managerial Skills

6 Units of Credit

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Managerial Skills is a course that addresses many of the skills and attributes regarded as necessary for managers of 2020. We expose you to new skills and approaches that integrate technical and generic competence, with the ability to think laterally to solve problems. The course focuses on identifying, developing, and applying managerial competencies to yourself and others in organisational settings. In doing so, the course focuses on you, the manager, and the cluster of people with whom you have regular, frequent, day-to-day contact. Managerial Skills incorporates a process of 360-degree feedback, which will enable you to collect confidential feedback from your colleagues on how they observe you performing as a manager and a leader. The 360-degree feedback instrument provides a sophisticated analytical tool for you to determine which management behaviours you need to develop to be a skilled practitioner. •You will be asked to consider your baseline performance at the beginning of the course and to identify the skills you are developing to improve your performance. •The course, therefore, takes a highly practical approach to your learning, enabling you to concentrate on those skills you personally need to develop to enhance your performance.