SERV4002 Entrepreneurship in Services

6 Units of Credit

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Service industries now account for three quarters of wealth and 90% of all new employment in developed economies and approaching that in developing countries. Yet we know little about innovation in this sector. Much of today's employment is generated through SME new service ventures. This course explores entrepreneurship (and intrapreneurship) in both large and SME firm contexts, but with a focus on intangible services. The course theme is on best practice in innovation in services and identifying a range of successful organisational responses to current technological opportunities and market imperatives. Specifically the course will focus on what opportunities and challenges do entrepreneurs face, and how might these opportunities and threats be managed? Key topics might include a typology of service products; entrepreneurial orientation; entrepreneurs - born or made?; intrapreneurship; industry analysis; assessment of internal resources and capabilities; customer value creation; and development of a business plan.