TABL3001 Legal Aspects of Tourism

6 Units of Credit
Taxation & Business Law

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The tourism and hospitality industry operates within a comprehensive domestic, and international, legal and regulatory framework. This course examines that framework. Topics include national and international regulation of the travel and hospitality industry; consumer contracts law; the law of carriers and inns; the duties of travel operators and agents; travel insurance law; the law of bailment; the responsibilities of travel agents and tour operators; hotel management law; liquor licensing law; catering law; gaming law; marketing law; consumer rights and complaints; the law regulating payments (including international credit card payments); the finance of carriers and inns; criminal and civil liability of people working in the travel and tourism industry. This course also examines the law regulating the issue of visa and travel documentation, and considers the liability of the operators, agents, carriers and government instrumentalities in relation to health and safety issues (including acts of terrorism).