TABL5913 Taxation of Companies, Trusts and Partnerships

6 Units of Credit
Taxation & Business Law

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This course is an introduction to taxation of the company, partnership and trust. The course provides a brief introduction to the key concepts and legal framework of each of these business and investment vehicles, with emphasis on the concept of legal personality. It pulls together the basic structural elements of the key business vehicles and provides a comparative overview of their key features and taxation. It covers practical problems arising from the taxation of the company and trust. This includes tax on the company itself, including restrictions on the carry-forward of losses and taxation of profits distributed to members. The course looks at the income taxation of the partnership or, more accurately, the partners. This includes the basis for allocating income and losses between partners. It deals with the basic capital gains tax framework on each of the vehicles. It gives a brief overview of the main heads of entity tax avoidance. These are then examined in the context of the push for tax neutrality.