Double Bachelor Degree

Studying a double degree allows students to combine their degree with another degree from the Business School, or another UNSW Faculty. This allows you to complete two undergraduate degrees in a reduced timeframe.

The double degree gives you the opportunity to explore your interests in more than one area, and broadens your career options. A double degree is a great way to combine your passion with your career aspirations and help you carve out a unique and exciting career path. ​

Why study a Double Bachelor degree at UNSW Business School?

At the UNSW Business School, we inspire and develop future business leaders. To succeed in a rapidly changing global market, you need skills that will give you a competitive edge - from an analytical mind to a creative approach to problem solving.

As a Business School undergraduate student, you'll be taught by academics who are also respected leaders in your field. You can choose from a wide range of study areas, with over 15 business majors to choose from, learn alongside a talented cohort of students, and you'll open the door to future opportunities in Australia and around the world.​