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Bachelor of Actuarial Studies (Honours)

Gain advanced knowledge in actuarial studies and develop research and analytical skills with this one-year honours degree.

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  • Entry requirements
  • How to apply
  • Student experience
  • FAQs

Why choose this honours program?

  • Optional fourth year of study to gain advanced knowledge and research skills in actuarial studies
  • Act as a springboard into further study and research
  • Professional recognition: Gain exemptions from the Actuaries Institute’s Part II professional examinations

Who is this degree for?

  • You want to complete Part II requirements of the Actuary Institute’s professional examinations
  • You’re a high-achieving student seeking an honours qualification
  • You’d like to expand and deepen your knowledge in actuarial studies
  • You want to acquire research and analytical skills

Job and career prospects

Actuaries with strong research skills are in demand for their analytical and problem solving skills in a growing number of industries including:

  • Financial services
  • General insurance
  • Investment
  • Life insurance
  • Risk management
  • Superannuation

The Bachelor of Actuarial Studies (Honours) is a 1 year degree program (48 UOC) consisting of a coursework and a thesis component:

  • Four advanced coursework (24 UOC)
  • Honours thesis (24 UOC)

The coursework component introduces you to higher level theoretical and research skills, and courses cover areas such as advanced level theory, key issues in the field, research developments in specific areas, plus research techniques and analysis.

The thesis component offers you the chance to apply these skills to an independent piece of research, under the direction of an academic supervisor.

To be eligible for the Bachelor of Actuarial Studies (Honours), applicants must have completed a Bachelor of Actuarial Studies (or equivalent) degree. In addition, applicants must:

  • Be eligible for exemption from all Part I subjects from the Actuarial Institute;
  • Have a weighted average mark (WAM) of at least 80 in all core actuarial studies courses (that form the Part I courses from the Actuarial Institute); and
  • Have an overall weighted average mark (WAM) of at least 80 in their current degree

Please contact the Actuarial Studies Honours Coordinator to discuss your eligibility.

There is no Semester 2 intake for the Actuarial Honours program.

You must have a minimum of 80% (Australian scaled) average overall and you must have a minimum of 80% in all core actuarial courses (the core courses are the ones that are considered for the purpose of exemption from the Part I examinations of the Actuaries Institute).

All honours applicants, both domestic and international, apply for the disciplinary honours program via www.apply.unsw.edu.au.

Documentation required:

For UNSW Applicants

A 4-6 page pre-proposal outlining:

  1. title and topic of proposed research project
  2. a motivation for this research project
  3. a short review of the relevant literature
  4. an outline of the proposed research questions and expected contributions
  5. a discussion of the importance and significance of those expected outcomes
  6. a signed EOI form signed by your proposed supervisor(s)
  7. an up-to-date curriculum vitae

For non-UNSW Applicants

In addition to the above you are required to contact the Honours Co-Ordinator in advance (at least one month) of the application deadline with documents 1 and 2, so a supervisor may be identified.

  • a full transcript of all completed courses to date (including current semester enrolment)
  • proof of Part I completion or exemption eligibility
  • names and contact (phone number and email) of two academic referees, supporting your application
  • additional documentation as advised by the Honours Co-Ordinator

Outcomes of the application will be announced by 26th November, 2016, based on the following criteria:

  1. The scope and quality of the academic background of applicants
  2. The quality of your pre-proposal and its associated project, along with the availability of the appropriate supervision

Before submitting an application it is recommended that you make contact with the Honours Co-Ordinator.

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Quick facts for students

Program code
Total Units of Credit (UOC)
Study Mode
Face to face
1 year full-time
Commencing semesters
Semester 1 - March
HECS fee band
Band 3

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