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Free Things to do in London


Free Things to do in London

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Free Things to do in London

The following questions ask for more detailed information to help your cohort get to know you a little better and to document some of your cohort's resources.
Please list two management skills you could contribute to your cohort. Do not list functional expertise (eg. marketing/finance) or other areas already covered above.
Examples may include specific people management skills or analytical/problem solving/decision making skills

Free Things to do in London

Please list two personal qualities that you could contribute to your cohort?
e.g. devil's advocate, resilient, sense of humour, analytical, high energy & positive attitude or use your own words

Free Things to do in London

List three favourite leisure activity? And /or how do you seek balance in your life? Please only list up to three activities.

When preparing a trip to London as a tourist, there are such a wide variety of fascinating locations to see that something can constantly be found to mix the creativity of the most unenthusiastic visitor.London is one of the most effective choices for city breaks, with a wealth of points to do. Not all of them require the visitor to part with tons of difficult made money though. The climate in London is not constantly pleasurable for outside activities, but there are a selection of galleries, art galleries, theaters and also various other warm and completely dry locations to visit.Here is my top option of points to do for free, in England's resources city.This top quality art gallery, transformed from a power station to open. A wonderful day out for art fans and also individuals not familiar with the subject alike, the gallery has an irreversible collection that covers all the major activities from the 20th century. Pointer - try to check out when the large Turbine Hall is exhibiting - seeing the sculptures as well as setups that fill this area is always worth while.Currently revealing an amazing range of dinosaur animatronics, this is a fantastic day out for the entire family. Whether you are appreciating the lifelike T-Rex as it relocates and also barks, or mammals, volcanoes or pests are extra your point, you are sure to discover something. The museum is also housed in a stunning building, so enthusiasts of design will certainly additionally be not everything to do at Covent Garden is cost-free, you may want to purchase lunch or look around the clothing stores. However, while you having a marvel around, you won't be able to miss the street performers. Youthful and also old alike will certainly be entertained as well as sometimes amazed by the magicians, jugglers, stabilizing acts and various other tricks that can not be described below. The only cost is how much you may choose to donate.There are so many Free Things to do in London you can enjoy on your own to the fullest without fretting about the expense.London does not provide just for the energetic and also enthusiastic visitor. There are several enjoyable tasks available, such as a silent walk with Park, doing nothing more difficult than tossing littles bread to the ducks as they paddle along the Serpentine. You can likewise wander along the historical roads, checking out shops or, conversely, you can stray through the stores, looking out at the historical streets. A great deal more tourist attractions are spread throughout London, and also reaching these locations need to not be a trouble. The quickest method to travel is still by means of the London Underground, or the Tube.So plan your journey for london without any fears and also invest your time leisurely.Website :

The following questions concern your professional and/or educational qualifications.  Your answers remain confidential and are not included in your Cohort Handbook.

Masters Degree (or above)

What type of study did you undergo to gain your qualification?

Full time

Approximately how many years of study did it take to gain your qualification?


Approximately how many years managerial/professional work experience did you have when you enrolled in the Graduate Diploma in Management (GDM) - Stage 1 MBA(Exec)

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