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Functional Area (eg Sales, IT, Marketing, Finance, Engineering)

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Approximate length of time in current position


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Which country/countries are you a citizen of?


What languages do you speak?


The following questions ask for more detailed information to help your cohort get to know you a little better and to document some of your cohort's resources.
Please list two management skills you could contribute to your cohort. Do not list functional expertise (eg. marketing/finance) or other areas already covered above.
Examples may include specific people management skills or analytical/problem solving/decision making skills

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Please list two personal qualities that you could contribute to your cohort?
e.g. devil's advocate, resilient, sense of humour, analytical, high energy & positive attitude or use your own words


List three favourite leisure activity? And /or how do you seek balance in your life? Please only list up to three activities.


The following questions concern your professional and/or educational qualifications.  Your answers remain confidential and are not included in your Cohort Handbook.

Masters Degree (or above)

What type of study did you undergo to gain your qualification?

Full time

Approximately how many years of study did it take to gain your qualification?


Approximately how many years managerial/professional work experience did you have when you enrolled in the Graduate Diploma in Management (GDM) - Stage 1 MBA(Exec)

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