Video Interview Essentials Competition

Thu 9 Jul 2020, 4pm - Fri 17 Jul 2020, 4pm TYPE - Networking

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Thu 9 Jul 2020, 4pm - Fri 17 Jul 2020, 4pm



As of today, almost 70% of grad recruiters have changed their in-person recruitment to video interviews and activities. 

The trend towards video interviews has been on the rise over the last few years, with the current COVID-19 situation now making it standard practice. Our team at Career Accelerator wants you to be prepared, in the comfort of your own online home. How? Through our video interview workshop, which will not only arm you with new interview skills, but will give you the chance to put them into practice in a video interview competition (with a special industry mentoring prize up for grabs!) 

About the workshop: Video Interview Essentials  
Thursday 9 July 2020, 4-5pm 

Join Salesforce's super-recruiter Asmaa Zahid and Career Accelerator's Industry Engagement manager, Anna Gurevich, as they combine forces to share their top video interview tips to help you bring your best to your next e-interview. The interactive workshop will allow you to ask any questions you have – including any to help you give your best shot in the Video Interview Essentials Competition.  

Register here: Video Interview Essentials Workshop 

About the Competition: Video Interview Essentials  
From Sunday 28 June until Friday 17 July, 4pm  

Ready to practice those new video interview skills? Your moment has come. The Video Interview Essentials Competition will be judged by a select panel from Career Accelerator. The competition is open to 100 UNSW Business School Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students (100 total), with two winners selected from each cohort. Winners will receive a group mentoring session with Asmaa Zahid, Futureforce Recruiting from Salesforce. 

About the video interview platform - Vieple 

Vieple is the global leader in video interview technology. Vieple recruitment video interviewing allows you to think carefully about the questions before you answer, and to conduct your interview at a time and location that suits you. It also allows you to interview for positions anywhere in the world. Put simply, Vieple allows you to shine in your interview experience.

How to join the Competition 
To take part, you need to first sign up to the Video Interview Essentials CompetitionIf you have been accepted into the Competition, you will receive a link from Vieple with the interview questions and instructions on how to complete and submit your answers. 

Feeling confident enough to enter the Competition without joining us at the workshop? You're more than welcome to. Our only disclaimer is that once you enter, you won't be able to enter the Competition again after the Workshop. Click here to enter now. 

What to expect in the e-interview 
You will have two questions to answer, with a two-minute time limit per question. You can use your phone to film your response and will have the option to re-record your answer if you were not happy with your first attempt. Please note that you can only submit the response which you recorded last. For example, if you record 3 responses, you will only be able to submit the 3rd response. You can't record 3 responses and then go back and choose to submit the 1st recording.  

Competition closing date 
The deadline to submit your competition entry will be 4pm, Friday 17 July (Wk 7).  
Winners will be announced by 3 August 2020 via email.  

Register now to guarantee your place. We look forward to seeing you.