2013 Anita Prabhu Women Leaders in Business Award nominations open

Friday, 28 June 2013  Features

Female AGSM alumni, including MBT alumni, have until COB August 23 to nominate for the Award. In 2013 we have extended the award eligibility to include current AGSM SMY and MBT Capstone students.

To celebrate a significant milestone birthday in 2012, Anita Prabhu (MBA Exec '05) established the Anita Prabhu Women Leaders in Business Award to recognise and celebrate a successful business woman and AGSM Alumnus each year for the next 10 years.

The inaugural winner of the award was Anneke van den Broek (MBA Exec '02) who was recognised for her innovative pet business, Rufus & Coco.

Anneke said, "I love the challenge and learning involved in trying to create something new".

All female AGSM graduates are encouraged to apply for the 2013 award which includes a $1000 prize. To be eligible, alumni will be working in a leadership role within an organisation or will be running her own business.

The winner will demonstrate entrepreneurship (or social entrepreneurship), innovation, leadership and business acumen.

Anita hopes this award will continue to highlight the special skills and insight women bring to business. "Women are less afraid to take calculated risks or to say they have made a mistake. When it comes to looking after their employees, women are generally as nurturing and caring of them as of their families and therefore have a loyal group of workers.

"Women engage on many fronts - as a homemaker, community groups, work and their own social network of friends. They see this holistically and draw on their insights from one to apply to the other," says Anita.

Nominate yourself or a fellow female AGSM alumnus by completing the http://asbmentoring.wufoo.eu/forms/the-anita-prabhu-women-leaders-in-business-award/>award application form.