AGSM leads discussion in shaping the future of a more innovative Public Service

Sunday, 28 July 2013  Features

Ideas for creating a more innovative and dynamic Public Service were among the hotly debated issues at a recent forum hosted by the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) in Canberra.

The event featured a panel of government leaders and AGSM Executive Education academics who discussed contestability and diversity in the public service sector and ways to facilitate innovative thinking in this area.

The panellists - Stephen Sedgwick, Commissioner of the Australian Public Service Commission; Professor Gary Sturgess, NSW Premier's ANZSOG Chair of Public Service Delivery; and Lana Ledgerwood, Director of Public Service AGSM Executive Education discussed the value of government services and ways to deliver services in tough economic conditions.

The event focussed on discussing what capabilities need to be developed in order to drive innovation in public service delivery and drew from Professor Gary Sturgess' cutting edge research in this area. Professor Sturgess suggests government should open more of their services to competition and contractors to create a more efficient and innovative public service. He also poses the question: "At what point, and in what ways does government call on the private sector to deliver services that have traditionally been delivered by the public sector?"

The forum in Canberra also invited representatives from the sector to join in discussion around how the state and federal governments should engage with external providers for the delivery of public services.

Caroline Trotman, Executive Director AGSM Executive Education, said the event showcased Executive Education's strength in aligning practice with theory and frameworks.

"AGSM Executive Education draws from a range of in-house faculty and wide network of adjunct faculty to address public sector challenges," said Ms Trotman.

"AGSM Executive Education continues to provide a leading combination of academic rigour and practical relevance in our programs.

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