AGSM MBA Students win coveted Cup

Thursday, 5 May 2011  Features

A team of AGSM MBA students have won the annual AGSM – MBS Cup, victorious over Melbourne Business School (MBS) in three out of the four events.

The 2011 competition was hosted by the Australian School of Business in Sydney, and commenced with its flagship event, the annual debating competition. The topic for the debate was "Management Consulting Firms have no place in Government", with the AGSM MBA team on the affirmative side and MBS arguing the negative case. George Crones, Bryan Tan, Brianna Ragel and Lukasz Klenner represented AGSM MBA students in the debate. The AGSM MBA team was unanimously judged the winner, making it AGSM’s 10th victory in the last 12 years.

The AGSM MBA team also displayed a strong performance in touch rugby and beach volleyball leaving no room for a comeback from MBS despite them winning the soccer event, the final event of the cup.

Amarpreet Singh, President of the AGSM MBA Sports Club said that the event was a success, "The annual AGSM-MBS competition is one of the most exciting events during our respective MBA programmes. The events were of the highest standard and gave the students an opportunity to exercise their mental and physical skills.

"We were really glad to see the AGSM MBA team come together and pull off such a fabulous victory over MBS," he said.

More details about this event are available on the AGSM ​MBA Student Society website.