Australian Graduate School of Management ranks #1 for customised executive education in Australasia

Wednesday, 30 May 2012  Features

In a ranking of the top 100 executive education programs, the Financial Times (UK) ranks the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) as number one for custom solutions in Australasia. The results consolidate AGSM's long-standing position as a leader in management education and executive business leadership development.

The Financial Times survey of executive education programs is recognised as the most prestigious worldwide; it is now in its 14th year. According to the survey, AGSM Custom Programs ranks 42 in the world and Open Programs is up (from its 2011 position) by seven places to rank 41 in the world.

Rosemary Howard, Executive Director and Conjoint Professor, AGSM Executive Education says: "We are committed to working with businesses and public sector organisations to add value to their employee engagement and capability development to create high performing workplaces.

"The strong survey result for AGSM demonstrates our ongoing development of best practice learning design and delivery. Our custom solutions are rated highly for their ability to add value in achieving organisational outcomes including lifting customer service, productivity and profitability.

"Our Open Programs continue to be recognised for faculty diversity throughout our full range of well designed career transitional programs and innovative new programs."

In 2012, AGSM Executive Education has developed the following new programs:

Social Media and the Connected Generation Empowering Conversations for High Performance Lean Six Sigma Suite

AGSM Executive Education continues to provide a leading combination of academic rigour and practical relevance to its flagship programs: General Manager Program, Middle Manager Program, Foundations of Management and Leadership and Advanced Leadership Program.

Martin Fan, Global Director of Information Technology Services at Kimberly Clark Martin says that his five-day General Manager Program was "intensely stimulating and eye-opening.""It was structured in a way that allowed me to experience high performance in a very short time-frame."

Martin has attended other leadership courses around the world, including the esteemed four-month General Manager Program at Harvard Business School. He says the delivery of the AGSM program, through team-work, computer simulations and realistic role play, is especially beneficial for the "time-poor" manager.

"I really enjoyed the cognitive discussion elements of the program as well as the experiential approach" says Fan.

"Listening to ideas from within and outside the organisation is more important to me now. I feel free of constrictive thinking and more assertive about what is possible," he adds.

"In an increasingly complex world, we will continue to focus on innovative adult learning that delivers sustainable impact. Programs have been designed to encapsulate the physiological and cognitive aspects of leadership. This is particularly important in uncertain times as individuals, organisations and society as a whole requires leadership which can maintain focus on long-term outcomes," adds Howard.

Richard Tonkin, Manager, Learning and Development at AusAid says: "AGSM has flexibly accommodated the pragmatic requirements of AusAID in providing a unique and successful change program for the agency. The systematic design and development of the program has been well managed and communicated at each step in the process."

To meet the varying needs of individuals and organisations, AGSM Executive Education offers a portfolio of services including Open and Tailored Programs for the development of individual skills, Custom Solutions tailored to business needs, Consortium Programs targeting top talent teams as well as Lean Six Sigma, Coaching and Executive Development Services giving clients access to faculty expertise.