AGSM student named 2013 AFR BOSS Young Executive of the Year

Wednesday, 4 December 2013  Features

Nicolette Maury, AGSM MBA (Executive) student and Director of Buyer Experience at eBay Australia has been recognised in the 2013 AFR Boss annual Young Executive of the Year awards.

Nicolette originally came to UNSW to study Industrial Chemistry where among other things she helped to develop graffiti-proof coatings for steel. She made the move into Management Consulting via a position at the Boston Consulting Group and has been at eBay for eight years, moving around many different areas of the business.

Nicolette began her MBA (Executive) at the AGSM by completing the Graduate Diploma of Management - the first section of the part-time program - to boost her general management skills and apply them directly to her day-to-day responsibilities.

"I'm always looking for ways to develop myself and my team", she says.

"The AGSM's focus on actionable insights as well as the accountability to apply learnings to a work situation has provided me with an excellent framework for growth."

As Director of Buyer Experience at eBay, Nicolette leads a team responsible for understanding customers' needs and behaviours and developing the products and services that respond to rapidly changing buyer expectations. A particularly important role at this time of year! Keeping up with online technologies is the most challenging part of her role.

"eBay invests ahead of the curve in new technologies, so we are usually operating without precedent, and do a lot of testing and learning to understand what experiences will work best for our customers".

Nicolette says Social and Mobile trends will continue to revolutionise our lives and help consumers make better, more informed choices.

"Mobile has enabled a retail world that isn't just offline or online, it's both - what we call omni-channel. For example, helping people pre-order their coffee through the PayPal app and beat the queue. Social has revolutionised the buyer's decision journey, incorporating a lot of inspiration and recommendation from their social connections", she says.

Nicolette shares the 2013 AFR Boss Young Executive of the Year accolade with five other young senior executives from the CSIRO, advertising industry and the oil and gas sector.

"I see winning the AFR BOSS Young Executive of the Year as a huge honour and responsibility", she says.

"To pay it forward to help other leaders on their journey; and to create opportunities for those less fortunate, to reach their potential".