AGSM Supports Search for the Most Innovative Women-led Companies

Friday, 18 May 2012  Features

US-based NGO Springboard Enterprises has over a decade of experience introducing the most promising "investment-ready" female-led companies to investors and corporate partners. This week, with the support of the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM), it launches in Australia.

Springboard Australia is the first venture forum program for women-led technology oriented businesses that are seeking investments for product development and expansion.

The Springboard Forum Program is a community-driven accelerator designed to fast track the growth of the most promising women-led companies from around the world.

"Start with access to an international network of trusted entrepreneurs, investors, and subject matter experts," said Kay Koplovitz, Springboard co-founder and Chair, "add to that 12 years of expertise in facilitating quality connections, and you get Springboard: your own Personal Advisory Board. "We look forward to working with the community in Australia to recruit, coach and promote the country's most promising women-led ventures."

Springboard Australia is produced in collaboration with the Australian venture capital industry, business groups, corporations and the AGSM within the Australian School of Business at UNSW which is the major educational partner.

AGSM will be involved by providing mentors to the entrepreneurs; hosting venture forums and having academic staff provide advice on writing business and marketing plans. The founder of Springboard Enterprises in Australia, Wendy Simpson is an alumnus of the AGSM.

Simpson said: "The ability to understand what companies need at a granular level and deliver the right resources at the right time is critical," said Wendy Simpson, Chairman of Springboard Australia.

"The Springboard program brings an expanded network of seasoned entrepreneurs, investors and industry experts delivering unparalleled support to the companies we ultimately select for this program."

To be considered, companies wishing to apply must meet certain criteria: 1. A woman in a key management position holding an equity stake in the company; 2. A qualified and profitable market opportunity with a clear competitive advantage; 3. A track record of milestone achievement which may include grants, clients, revenue or "done it before"; and 4. A credible core management team or ability to attract one.

To apply or learn more about how to get involved go to