The Inaugural Anita Prabhu Women Leaders in Business Award

By Female AGSM alumni have until March 23 to apply for the 2012 Award.  Wednesday, 14 March 2012  Features

To celebrate a significant milestone birthday, Anita Prabhu, Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) Alumnus, decided to eschew presents for something more meaningful. Turning down her family's offer of a big birthday party, Anita instead chose to donate to a business education award in her name.

The result is the Anita Prabhu Women Leaders in Business Award which will recognise and celebrate a successful business woman and AGSM Alumnus each year for the next 10 years.

Designed to encourage women to strive for business success, the award will be given each year to a female AGSM MBA or MBT alumnus who demonstrates entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership and business acumen.

"I strongly believe in philanthropy and giving back to the community that has supported and nurtured my success", Anita says.

Anita hopes this new award will also recognise the special skills and insight women bring to business. "Women are less afraid to take calculated risks or to say they have made a mistake. When it comes to looking after their employees, women are generally as nurturing and caring of them as of their families and therefore have a loyal group of workers.

"Women engage on many fronts - as a homemaker, community groups, work and their own social network of friends. They see this holistically and draw on their insights from one to apply to the other."

Anita currently works as the Director of Open Sales at AGSM Executive Education, the Founding President at Konkani Association of Australia and the Director of Prakanti Indian Art. She has a strong interest in gender equity and has done work to raise the profile of women in business for the Australian Computer Society and Westpac Women's Markets.

"A business leader today has to have strong resilience in an uncertain world and highly competitive global markets. Incremental improvements will not necessarily bring a business the same success that thinking outside the square does and left field thinking can give a business the competitive edge."

All eligible AGSM female alumni are encouraged to apply for the inaugural award. The recipient will be actively managing an organisation, business or business unit (of minimum five employees) for at least five years and may be of any nationality and a resident of any country. The award includes a $1000 cash prize.

The winner will be announced in mid April and awarded at the 2012 Australian School of Business Awards Ceremony on 6 June 2012.

The Anita Prabhu Women Leaders in Business Award application form can be found here. Applications close COB Friday 23 March.