Rural student thanks ASB scholarship donors for support

Tuesday, 30 October 2012  Features

A student from rural New South Wales has thanked the Australian School of Business for her Scholarship after an event which celebrated the supporters of the scholarship.

"I arrived at University as a 'country kid' from a small rural town - and one of the few people from Kempsey to go to university," said Edwina Ring, a recipient of the Leighton Rural Scholarship in Business. "Having someone believe in me is the most important thing - and having a scholarship showed that even someone from Kempsey with a few thousand inhabitants over 350 kilometres from Sydney could achieve the academic levels needed to get this support."

Edwina Ring is now studying commerce and economics at the Australian School of Business. "It was great having all the economic pressure taken off my shoulders - and it really encouraged me to try my best."

At a recent UNSW event for scholarship receivers to thank their donors, Edwina showed her gratitude to Leighton Holdings and discussed how the scholarship has allowed her to study with confidence and financial security.

"I have the Leighton Rural Scholarship to thank for much of my success and enjoyment of the past three years at UNSW. It has given me financial stability and, as an investment in my future, it has encouraged me to try my very best in my studies and to get the most out of my education. It has also allowed me to enjoy all that university life has to offer, and there are many great experiences I may have missed out on had I not been financially secure," she said.

She has taken the opportunity to assist students in similar situation to her own, as a Student Ambassador for the ASPIRE program, which encourages disadvantaged school students to achieve their aspirations and help them gain access to a University education.

The Leighton Rural Scholarship in Business is awarded to a high school leaver from a rural are​a, who demonstrates academic merit, aptitude and commitment, to be accepted into a full-time undergraduate program at the Australian School of Business.