Business students meet industry leaders

Thursday, 1 November 2012  Features

John Chandler, President and CEO of Toyota Finance Australia and Tim Ebbeck, Chief Commercial Officer of NBN Co recently spoke to Australian School of Business students at a roundtable event about the challenges of a shifting business and media landscape.

Tim Ebbeck, an ASB alumnus, discussed entering the age of the empowered individual and the need for future business leaders to be transformational.

"The world has gone through an inflection point over the past few years, the global financial crisis has left an indelible mark, the shift in economic power from east to west is real and the social movement is disrupting governments around the world," he said.

"The challenge as transformational business leaders is to identify the opportunities and understand what's changing and stay ahead on the innovation curve. They need to adapt their thinking to their new reality, and use career, business choices and leadership to be, as Ghandi says, the change we all want to see in the world."

John Chandler explained the importance of building cooperation and trust between the Toyota Finance and Toyota Motor Companies. He highlighted opportunities are there to be found and that showing initiative and demonstrating unique thinking are keys to being successful.

"Do a few things differently and show initiative and the opportunities are there," he explained.

Tim Ebbeck and John Chandler spoke at a recent Meet the Executive: Journey to the Top event. The Meet the Executive program is a collaborative partnership between the Australian School of Business Student Development Office, UNSW and corporate partners, including; CPA Australia, UBS, Deloitte, ACCA, Hayes Knight, Cisco Systems and The Hilton Sydney. The program provides students a unique business opportunity to engage with industry leaders and learn from them.