Atax Celebrates 21 years of Tax Education

Wednesday, 14 March 2012  Features

The School of Taxation & Business Law (Atax) recently celebrated its 21st anniversary, recognising the contributions it has made to taxation education, research and government policy.

As a leader in tax research and education, Atax has made a significant impact on taxation in Australia. In both teaching and research Atax has strong links with the Australian Tax Office (ATO), the practising tax profession and with other government departments including Federal and State Treasuries.

Atax has contributed to many technical and policy related tax issues through research, including the seminal study of tax compliance costs in Australia - one of the world's largest such studies, the 2011 Tax Summit, and the study of federal fiscal relations. Other key areas of taxation research Atax has contributed to include; international tax, Capital Gains Tax, tax in China, taxation of superannuation, environmental tax and GST.

Professor John Taylor, Head of Taxation and Business Law, said "Operating in an ever changing environment, the research success of Atax is testament to the significant contribution Atax academics continue to make to tax research both nationally and internationally."

In January 2011 Atax became part of ASB, joining the School of Business Law and Taxation, to create the new School of Taxation and Business Law.

Guest speakers who attended the event included Professor Alec Cameron, Dean of ASB, Chris Jordan AO, Chairman of the Board of Taxation, and Professor Bob Deutsch, past Atax Director.