ATAX GST conference set to achieve important milestone

Tuesday, 26 March 2013  Features

The 25th anniversary ATAX GST Conference will bring together a unique mix of GST practitioners, tax administrators and academics to provide a forum for engagement on current GST issues.

Regarded as the Australian GST industry benchmark conference, convener Professor Michael Walpole from the Australian School of Business said: "The real strength of this conference is that it provides tax practitioners and corporate representatives with the opportunity to engage with ATO personnel about the issues that they're dealing with in business.

"A 25th anniversary GST conference may seem a rather strange concept considering the GST has only been in for 13 years, but the first ATAX conference was indeed 25 years ago and came around the time of the 1985 summit when talk of introducing a GST first surfaced. Now this conference is an industry benchmark in terms of what people are talking about in relation to GST."

"Delegates will share deep insights into the key issues of the GST as well as the case law that has developed around GST," Professor Walpole added. "They will gain practical insights into how to conduct a GST matter, as well as some understanding of the ATO position on a number of key issues. And while some technical aspects of the tax will certainly be discussed, high-level theoretical dimensions will also be covered.

Professor Walpole says that 2013 is the ideal time to critically examine Australia's evolving GST experience. "With the GST having now been in place for over 10 years, now is the time to look back and reflect on that experience with a view to informing us about what should happen next. I think this period marks the coming of age of the tax and it's certainly a good opportunity to reflect on its performance and to set some goals for the future," asserted Professor Walpole.

The 25th anniversary ATAX GST Conference will be held at the Brisbane Sofitel on 22-23 April 2013.