Biodegradable microwavable food packages now a reality

Friday, 7 June 2013  Features

Australian School of Business students have won a pitching competition for entrepreneurs for their idea of microwavable food packaging that is also biodegradable, insulates hot food, and pops out into a ready to eat bowl.

Birgitte Pedersen and Hannah Noethig, who are both Entrepreneurship and New Venture Management students at the Australian School of Business, have won a trip to attend TiEcon in the United States, which is the world's largest entrepreneur's conference.

They demonstrated Compackt, a starch-based, fully biodegradable microwavable food package. Birgitte Pedersen explained that "it is made of a starch like foam material. This expands in a microwave, which has an insulating effect, resulting in food being kept warm on the inside, while the package is cool enough to hold with your hands when you take it out of the microwave."

The packaging is also biodegradable: this saves millions of microwave packets being thrown away every year which end in landfill.

"It is the combination of being insulated - and microwaveable - which many manufactures had strived to combine, but which we now hope to make a commercial reality," she said. "Furthermore the package is bio-degradable, and can save logistics costs and shelf-space in supermarkets, as the package is a perfect cube, which is compact during transportation and yet it unfolds in the microwave to a bowl-like, easy to eat out of form."

Both of the students won a competition to attend TiEcon at a pitching competition in Sydney. As part of the prize, they also won a stand at the high-tech CeBIT event in Sydney where they could show the packaging to potential investors.

She said "It is wonderful to achieve success with environmentally sustainable green packaging, which the food industry badly needs. Furthermore to receive an invite to the ecosystem of entrepreneurs and small investors in Silicon Valley was an amazing experience."

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Further images of the students and of the product are available.