Business School team win Case Study Competition

Monday, 29 September 2014  Features

​A team from UNSW’s Business School have won the Asian Business Case Competition at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore where they presented their solutions and recommendations in response to three real life business challenges.

Lecturer Brian Burfitt said “the best students from around the world took up the challenge of developing solutions to help companies contribute back to the environment and its people in order to build sustainable businesses, as well as grow profits. I’m delighted to say that our team from UNSW’s Business School did very well.

The challenge they faced was that they had no idea what they were presenting until they arrived. The cases they work on are a surprise, and they are locked away to prepare a response and present their recommendations to a business challenge. Brian Burfitt said “The competition had a strong sustainability focus and the team were in a lockdown for 40 hours to prepare a proposal on a case that they only saw at the start of the 40 hour preparation period.”

Business School students competing were Johnny Zhang, George Pasas, Kieran Singh and Shareen Dhillon (see photo).

Their presentations offer suggested strategies, solutions and implementation plans to cases based on real business scenarios, and they presented approaches to overcoming structural and behavioral barriers to waste recycling and the adoption of waste-to-energy solutions in Singapore and Asia.

Other teams competing included the University of Alberta, Canada, the University of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain, Shantou University, Guangdong, China, the University of Hong Kong, China, the University of Chulalongkorn, Bangkok, Thailand, the University of Otago at Dunedin, New Zealand, Queensland University of Technology, and Nanyang Technological University.

Lecturer Brian Burfitt said “the Singapore competition was part of a series of competitions. This is leading up to December when the Business School is co-hosting the first International Case Competition in Australia, the Australian Undergraduate Business Case Competition (AUBCC). It will be held in Brisbane co-hosted with Queensland University of Technology and the University of Melbourne.

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