Engaging Indigenous people with business professions

By Engaging Indigenous people with business professions  Tuesday, 18 December 2012  Features

How can Australian Business Schools encourage Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islander people to enter business professions? This was one of the key questions raised by the Australian School of Business' (ASB) Program Manager of Indigenous Business Education, Rebecca Harcourt at the 2nd Annual Indigenous Business, Enterprise and Corporations (IBEC) Conference earlier this month.

The workshop, Our Business Our Future: engaging community with business knowledge through drawing on all our strengths, explored the engagement between Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islander people with business professions and how Indigenous communities in business can steer these relationships to self-determination.

The conference was held at the University of Western Australia's Business School with the 2012 theme, "Growth and new opportunities for Indigenous business".

Rebecca Harcourt led a workshop that highlighted the work of ASB Indigenous Business Education Programs and the UNSW Nura Gili Centre. She explored the cooperation between ASB and UNSW with external Indigenous stakeholders across education, community, corporate, government, media and not-for-profit sectors to create meaningful tertiary pathways for Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islanders.

The IBEC conference attracts Indigenous business leaders, corporate representatives, leading academics and policy makers to discuss growing opportunities for Indigenous people and communities in the business sector.