New research: falling asleep at the wheel

Thursday, 19 July 2012  Features

Excessive daytime sleepiness among commercial vehicle operators is thought to be the most important cause for high job turnover in a leading US truck firm.

Since 2006, Schneider National In. (SNI) has been running a large scale pilot program to screen, diagnose and treat its drivers for Obstructive Sleep Apnea disease (OSA). Along with the University of Minessota, SNI has conducted a project to identify and quantify the effects on accident risk and the health care costs of untreated OSA.

The project is based on the idea that economists who do behavioural economic field experiments should work together with industry specialists who focus on gathering new data and doing targeted analysis of individual industries.

Associate Professor of Economics and Management, Stephen Burks from the University of Minessota Morris, will present the results of this study, Truckers & Turnover Project.

Much of Associate Professor Burks' research addresses how experimentally identified social, loss, time, and risk preferences affect the way in which labour economics explains the employment relationship. Recently, he has begun working on how the health status of truck drivers affects their accident risk and productivity.

The Industrial Relations Research Centre (IRRC) will be hosting the event at the University of New South Wales at the Quadrangle Building Room 2063. For more information and RSVP please contact Anne Junor by Friday 20 July as space may be limited.