Global cloud computing survey set for Sydney launch

Monday, 22 April 2013  Features

The first-ever global survey into the relationship between businesses and cloud-based computing services will soon be launched. The survey is the latest phase of the Cloud Research Project 2013 that commenced late last year. It is a collaborative project that involves researchers from the University of New South Wales, University of Missouri St Louis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the London School of Economics.

Lead Asia-Pacific researcher Dr Alan Thorogood said the launch would provide the opportunity to announce some early project findings as well as the details of the major upcoming survey that will involve around 500 organisations from around the world. Dr Thorogood, who is an Australian School of Business Visiting Senior Fellow, said: "What we're trying to do is understand the journey that organisations are undertaking with the move to cloud-based computing.

"Rather than having to make lumpy investments in information technology, businesses can now scale up or down seamlessly in response to demand. This changes the economics of IT and is one of the most significant developments in the history of computing. That's why it's of profound interest to business."

Led by renowned UK management expert Professor Leslie Willcocks, the project will allow a comparison of global cloud computing trends as well as an assessment of the impacts exerted by factors including legislative, privacy and data ownership issues.

"The research program focuses on two main streams - the first examines how and why organisations are going along a particular path, while the second examines the nature of the relationship between vendors and clients," said Dr Thorogood. "For example, what happens when a business wants to renew or change that relationship? The second part of the study will focus on the resulting ramifications for business models. In other words, how can businesses organise the boundaries of their organisations using cloud computing?" said Dr Thorogood.

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