Grant King, Meet the CEO

Monday, 5 November 2012  Features

Narelle Hooper, Editor of AFR Boss magazine in conversation with

All management decisions are heavily influenced by Origin's strongly held company principles, commitment and values, which Grant says have become "second nature".

"The difficult decisions and choices nearly always require us to think through what our company values and principles are, and how they will influence the choices we make..... I know that embodied in the solution is a very clear sense of what's right - not just in an ethical se​nse but what's right for our business," he says.

Origin has five principles which are a very important part of the business and dictate that all activities must be performed in line with our duty of care, add value to the resources that come under our control, distribute value to stakeholders recognising the need to ensure the sustainability of the business, encourage diversity and expression of ideas and stand up to scrutiny."Diversity is at the core of long term survival...and if you look back it's an essential part of any great company or culture," Grant says.

Grant King began his career as an engineer, and says he never had any doubt that this would be his career-long occupation.

"I just liked building things and over the years, my interest in building physical things has become building corporate things - like building companies" he says.

As a leader, he says he learns most when challenged and often has to navigate the tension between short term pay-off and long term planning.

"Often the greatest decisions are about people and what affects their lives and that's when we're most challenged to make the right decision."