Implications of population ageing on the Australian workforce

Friday, 18 November 2011  Features

As Australia faces significant intergenerational challenges, the impact of population ageing on the Australian workforce is increasingly concerning. Will there be fewer workers to support retirees and young dependents?

This is a central question of one of the keynote addresses at an upcoming conference at the ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Resear​​​ch (CEPAR), hosted by Professor John Piggott, Director of CEPAR.

Professor Peter McDonald, from the Australian National University will present on labour force participation in Australia at the annual Emerging Research in Ageing conference (ERA). The presentation will include an analysis of the older Australians who continue to work and an examination of the long-term impacts of immigration on the labour force, with a discussion of the policy implications.

ERA is a national conference showcasing the research of postgraduate students in population ageing. The conference presents a unique opportunity for participants to connect with this major new multi-disciplinary centre and to network with their peers, academics and policy-makers.

For information regarding the conference including speakers, registration, dates and fees, please visit the CEPAR website.