International recognition for Dr Pauline Grosjean

Thursday, 19 January 2012  Features

Dr Pauline Grosjean, from the School of Economics, has been internationally recognised with a prestigious appointment. She has been elected to the board of the Association for Comparative Economic Studies and the editorial board of their flagship journal, the highly regarded Journal of Comparative Economics.

Professor Kevin Fox says Dr Grosjean’s appointment to the board is a prestigious honour. "For the School of Economics, this adds to an already long list of such appointments of our faculty to senior international leadership roles."

"What is unusual in Dr Grosjean’s case is that such recognition comes at a relatively early stage of her career, having obtained her PhD in 2006 from the Toulouse School of Economics, and having only been appointed as a Senior Lecturer at UNSW from last year. With such an outstanding start to her career, I look forward to following her growing contributions to the field of comparative economics and leadership in the profession more generally."

Dr Grosjean says, "I am happy about the opportunity to have some influence on the research goals of the Association for Comparative Economics Studies. It’s the leading scholarly organization for the support of comparative economic studies."

The purpose of the Association is to provide scholarly exchange among groups interested in comparative studies of economic systems, institutions, and economic performance and development and to further the growth of research and instruction on these topics. Its world-wide membership includes academics, economists and political scientists employed by international agencies, governments and private firms and banks as well as policymakers.