John Roberts becomes fellow of the London Business School

Monday, 3 August 2015  Features
Professor John Roberts, a Professor of Marketing at UNSW Australia Business School has now been awarded Fellow status at the London Business School (LBS).

Every year the London Business School confers Honorary Degrees, Honorary Fellowships and Fellowships to distinguished individuals. The awards are an important way for the school to recognise the major contribution that people connected with the School have made to its continued success.

When he was awarded the fellowship he gave a speech to the 2015 graduating class of the London Business School on how important it is to ‘Focus on the off diagonals.’

He suggests that students should consider a two by two matrix. On one axis is the nature of giving, low or high. And on the other is the nature of reaping. “We expect to populate the diagonals of our happy little matrix:  avoiding those where the environment seems unlikely to be able to reciprocate, and throwing ourselves into activities where we can see the pay offs.  My thesis is that too much focus on this strategy leads to a boring life, to a more fragmented and tribal society, and to the bypassing of a lot of opportunities, fun, and fulfilment.”

He said that if he has learned anything “it is to go beyond my somewhat shy zone of comfort and to invest, and to invest heavily: randomly, broadly, unconstrainedly. To invest in people. To invest in institutions. To invest in ideas. And to invest in actions.”

“In making your investments as you go forward, I strongly encourage students to make mistakes, such as taking risks, evaluating your investments across people and institutions, bask in success, and don’t judge your outcomes relative to those of others.”

Professor Roberts has also recent won the 2015 International Journal of Research in Marketing (IJRM) best paper award, with his co-authors Ujwal Kayande and Stefan Stremersch. They are the winners of the best paper award for their paper entitled, “From academic research to marketing practice: Exploring the marketing science value chain,” that appeared as a lead article in the second issue of IJRM in 2014. 

This annual award recognises the authors of the paper, published in IJRM the previous year, which made the most significant contribution to the discipline of marketing.

Professor Roberts was also recently invited to join the Editorial Board of the Journal of Marketing. His inclusion to the editorial board of the most prestigious journal in the discipline is recognition of the contributions that John has made to the field of marketing. He already sits on the Editorial Boards of the Journal of Marketing, Marketing Science, the International Journal of Marketing, and the Journal of Forecasting.