Multitalented Walsh wants to combine tech know-how with business

Thursday, 21 March 2013  Features

With a love for technology and an education in business, Wiradjuri man and Australian School of Business student, Owen Walsh, has his eye on a career in the Information Technology industry.

Walsh is a second year student completing a double degree - a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor ​of Information Systems.

After successfully completing the UNSW Indigenous Pre-Program in Business in 2010 he continues to combine his heritage and education at UNSW; where he is a program participant of Nura Gili, a learning centre for Indigenous students. He continues to speak his traditional Wiradjuri language and is a talented didgeridoo player, performing at events for ASB and UNSW.

Prior to commencing university, Walsh obtained a Certificate lll in Aboriginal Languages and a Certificate II in Information Technology. He's also volunteered and worked with a number of small to medium sized organisations in the IT industry.

"I have an unmatched passion for IT and systems. I find the relationship between business and technology very interesting," he exclaims.

Demonstrating an innovative and charismatic personality, he declares that he dreams of one day establishing a successful and sustainable not-for-profit organisation in the IT sector.