New research to examine house prices

Friday, 25 November 2011  Features

Examining the swings in house prices will be one of the topics discussed at the upcoming Australian School of Business annual Economic Measurement Group international workshop.

There will be a major focus on residential housing and the measurement of swings in land prices. Topics to be discussed also include aggregate loan-to-value ratios.

Professor Kevin Fox, the Director of the Centre for Applied Economic Research, says "we will explore the entire housing market, from loan values, to how we measure house prices, and even why the US and Australia have had a sharply contrasting housing experience. There could be some invaluable lessons about how Australia seems to have avoided the bulk of the pain of falling residential property values from the Global Financial Crisis."

Academics from the Netherlands, New Zealand and Canada will participate in this year's conference. Kevin Fox says "other topics include agricultural productivity in Australian, measuring Australia's mining boom, and household production with its connection to leisure and living standards."

This year's workshop is on the occasion of Professor Erwin Diewert's 70th birthday. In acknowledgement of his monumental contributions to economic measurement, the workshop is dedicated in his honour.

It is supported by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Productivity Commission and the Australian Research Council.

What: Economic Measurement Group Workshop
When: 30 November to 2 December 2011
Where: Crowne Plaza Hotel at Coogee Beach
Contact: Professor Kevin Fox on 02 9385 3320 or