NSW Premier’s ANZSOG Chair in Public Service Delivery Established

Wednesday, 27 July 2011  Features

The Dean of The Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG), Professor Allan Fels AO, and the President and Vice Chancellor of the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Professor Fred Hilmer AO are delighted with the announcement of the appointment of Mr Gary L Sturgess AM, as inaugural Premier's ANZSOG Chair in Public Service Delivery at the University of New South Wales.

The establishment of this ANZSOG Chair reflects the high priority given to improving service delivery by the New South Wales Government and ANZSOG's growing interest in the challenges involved in the implementation of government policies and the day-to-day operation of front line services.

The appointment of Mr Sturgess as an Adjunct Professor of public service delivery attached to the Australian School of Business at UNSW will provide a focused academic resource in this area. Over the next eighteen months, research will focus on the role of front-line managers in service delivery, the science of service design and the development of a customer service culture in public administration.

Mr Sturgess will work with the NSW Public Servic​e Commission in the development of a research agenda that will be of practical value to policymakers and front line public servants. Prof Fels commented "this research will potentially have national application, and we are looking forward to Mr Sturgess' contribution to ANZSOG's national research and teaching agenda".

Eight ANZSOG Chairs have now been created at ANZSOG's member universities. Prof Fels commented "Mr Sturgess' work will be of interest to ANZSOG's other government members and I will be seeking ways to make this work more generally available".

Prof Hilmer said: "This is a very significant appointment. Gary's breadth of expertise in the area of public administration will increase UNSW's capabilities in this area, building on the work already being undertaken by the Centre for Social Impact. The new Chair will also enable UNSW to play a larger role in ANZSOG, of which we are a founding member."