Post-Keynesian literature a hit

Wednesday, 29 October 2014  Features
Geoff Harcourt and Peter Kriesler

Two senior academic from the UNSW's Business School have received a glowing review for their new book on Post-Keynesian economics and policy.

Professor Emeritus Geoff Harcourt AO and Associate Professor Peter Kriesler have edited 'The Oxford Handbook of Post-Keynesian Economics' in two volumes.

It takes individual essays summarising post Keynesian ideas on specific topics, and suggest ways for post-Keynesian thought to move forward and expand. It is a culmination of Geoff's life work at Adelaide and Cambridge universities.

Geoff Harcourt said "chapters present current thinking regarding price theory, demand, and economic development and many more down to earth vital economic issues."

It has been reviewed favourably in the Journal of Economic Literature, which is the foremost publication in the world for long surveys and reviews. Calling it two fine volumes, it adds "the very best papers in these volumes move beyond price theory and macroeconomics and show the way forward for post-Keynesian economics."

Peter Kriesler added "it contains evaluations of the current state of economics, as well as detailed analysis of the global financial crisis, with an emphasis on policies to avoid another one."

Geoff Harcourt has authored, co-authored, edited or co-edited 29 volumes, as well as over 350 articles, book chapters and reviews.

Peter Kriesler is also a prolific author, who has written 10 books and has had 70 papers published in journals or as chapter in books. He is also Executive Editor of The Economics Labour Relations Review.

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