Recruitment game-changer launched by AGSM alumnus

Friday, 1 November 2013  Features is a new online job referral platform established by an AGSM alumnus set to flip the recruitment industry upside down by introducing generous cash bounties to referrers.

Mahesh Muralidhar completed the AGSM MBA in 2011 and after holding senior positions in the recruitment industry, felt that more value could be generated for the recruitment industry's customers, by the customers themselves.

"The top-tier AGSM MBA gives you the commercial nous and skills to identify and solve business issues," said Mahesh.

"If you go in with the right mindset, you come out knowing what to ask, whom to turn to for answers, and how to problem solve. My time at AGSM helped build this mindset."

Mahesh's business partner and co-founder of Ureferjobs Matti Alakangas is also an AGSM alumnus and the partnership has been vital to the growth and success of the company.

"You need tremendous energy to create something brand new that the market accepts. Being able to share that challenge with someone you trust and knowing that you can count on them to deliver is tremendous," said Mahesh.

"Entrepreneurship is a very personal, warts-and-all experience. A startup is an extension of its founders. Sharing the journey with someone who brings his own unique perspectives to the table, who will challenge you, back you and push you that extra distance makes it just that bit easier."

Mahesh says networking with startup founders and business leaders has been an instrumental part of their startup journey.

"Our MBA network and being part of the broader AGSM & UNSW family through NewSouth Innovations have been invaluable in helping us, as has the support from the Australian startup community.

"The AGSM MBA alumni network has helped us identify and meet with potential customers.

"We've had countless coffees with future clients, are finalists in a number of seed fund pitch competitions, and are looking to continue building our brand awareness through media exposure, both online and on radio."

So how does Ureferjobs work? A company posts a job on, and allocates a cash bou​nty of $1,000 or more. The job post is then sent to individuals within relevant networks - for instance, banking jobs will be sent to banking networks, and technology jobs will be sent to technology networks. Individuals can refer jobs to peers, and if their application proves to be successful, the referrer wins the cash bounty. Importantly organisations can use Ureferjobs as a best practice internal referral system first - giving employees first crack before allowing external referrers to start referring. Organisations only pay on success.

A points system has also been integrated into Ureferjobs. Points are calculated on the basis of performance - so if you refer a job and your referral leads to a placement you receive points, and if you refer peers who don't fit the criteria for a job you lose points. The referrer with the most points gets an additional $1000 every quarter.

"It's a win for companies and a win for all of us. Referrers can reap cash rewards by referring jobs to peers; and employers can find the right talent faster and at significantly reduced costs!" said Mahesh.

Ureferjobs' six-month plan is to build a strong customer base, employ full-time staff, and expand their digital and geographic footprint in line with their growth strategy.

For more information on Ureferjobs visit or contact Mahesh at